How are you today? Are you feeling motivated?

Motivation is not something that happens overnight. I think it is something that you must work towards diligently and consistently. The ability to motivate yourself is to know of ways to motivate yourself.

Everyone is different, yes, below there are some tried and true ways of motivating yourself and thereby improving your life … Try them, find out what works for you, and keep going.

This list of 95 ways will help you to become a better version of yourself :

1. Consider what you want

2. Look at what you have

3. Think about what you do not have

4. Look at other people

5. Look at success and the people in your dream position

6. Figure out what you have to do to succeed

7. Take small steps forward

8. Set small goals

9. Keep these goals simple and basic

10.Have other goals that you can achieve easily

11. Think about what you achieve

12. Never undervalue the small things

13. Plan for everything, big and small

14. Make sure that you have detailed plans and schedules

15. Stick to the plans

16. If you find yourself going off the plan, start building yourself back towards it

17. Try to accomplish something on a regular basis

18. Keep the accomplishments mounting in size and complexity

19. Do not get off track with the unexpected

20. Figure out ways to handle what you cannot expect

21. Fight off laziness

22. Explore your creativity

23. Do not tie yourself to previous accomplishments or failures, staying focused on doing more

24. Keep signs up to remind yourself of what you should do

25. Build a productive workspace


27. Keep yourself on an active schedule

28. Do not push yourself to the breaking point

29. Put your all into what you do

30.Think strategically

31. Move away from bad habits

32. Start developing new, better habits

33. Upgrade or improve current habits

34. Keep what works

35. If it works, it could always be better

36. Experiment with new ideas

37. Try to look on the brighter side of things

38. Do not ignore the negatives

39. Always think about how you can do better

40. Work on where you can do better

41.Share with those closest to you

42. Inspire yourself with art, literature, media, or people

43. Look into your mind and soul to learn more about yourself

44. Focus on the good aspects of yourself

45. Go deep into your mind and soul to see the truth

46. Keep an open mind

47. Look to the future

48. Envision what you want in the future, truly picturing it

49.Think about the hurdles in your way

50. Think about how you can manage these hurdles in your life

51. Set yourself on a schedule for everything

52. Keep yourself doing what you should do

53. If you mess up, do not be hard on yourself

54 If you do mess up, get back up and keep moving

55. If someone tries to tear you down, do not let them

56. Do not take any criticisms to heart

57. View criticisms as constructive as often as possible

58. Whenever someone offers constructive criticism, try to use that as advice and build off it

59. Remember that no one can become the best at anything

60. There is always someone new to take top spots, and that could be you

61. .Embrace change and what is new

62, .Make change when you need it

63. Make room for fun, too

64. You can never let yourself down so keep trying

65. If you fail, try and try again

66.There are always new ways to look at a situation

67. Never give up because something confuses or frustrates you

68. Try to remain calm as often as possible

69. Find calmness in everything that you do

70. Find ways to become calm in any situation

71. Have something that rewards you when you succeed

72. Keep a reward system that changes or improves over time

73. Build your will power up

74. Start every day the right way

75. Make yourself alert, prepared, and energized early

76. Keep that focus and determination throughout the day

77. Determination can help you to survive anything

78. Have a notebook ready for writing down ideas, needs, and thoughts

79. Throw out the old when it no longer works for you

80. Drop people who are more toxic than anything else

81. Avoid situations with such people and situations that could tear you down

82. Stay away from news and opinions for a while, especially when building confidence

83. Stick with people who can motivate you and help you to grow

84. Look at the big picture rather than what is right in front of you

85. Take lessons and try something new

86. Connect to nature every so often

87. Find the simple things to enjoy and laugh at

88. Keep your mind happy and entertained

89. Hold yourself accountable in everything that you do

90. Put some pressure on yourself, but not too much

91. Try something that scares you

92. Make someone else happy sometimes

93. Make lists of your life, intentions, and past mistakes

94. Have someone help you when you cannot do it yourself

95. Take action

Oh My God!! I see there are nearly endless ways to motivate yourself and keep yourself motivated. Although there is no 100% guarantee in this … but I believe by trying a variety of methods it can definitely help you to remain on track and you will be in the right direction!!

Sharon Davis